With years of experience, we build ice rinks for what suits your needs best.


NiceRink Plastic Boards

64’x32’ Ice rink using a plastic board variation.


Traditional Plywood Ice Rinks

72’x36’ Plywood Ice rink, utilizing both four foot tall boards at the ends and two foot tall boards on the sides.


Refrigerated Ice Rinks

Custom Ice Refrigerated Rink integrated with NiceRink Boards



Site Planning

The most important part of planning your ice rink is deciding where it will be placed. With a grade measurement, we find the most ideal location for your rink, allowing for a safer, more economical rink.


Following the layout comes the design. Deciding on the materials for your ice rink can be overwhelming, we’re here to help. Whether you are looking to build on a sport court, your backyard, or a mix of both, we can make it work.


With a complete package we are able to offer everything from a site plan, rink build, and a water fill. Our timeliness ensures that your ice rink will be running smoothly for peak season.

Spring Services

When the fun of winter is over, we are here to assist in the drainage and breakdown of your ice rink. Proper drainage is important and ensuring that the water will not end up in your basement is a risk many should not take.